I Bought My First Home! 2020 House Tour ๐Ÿก

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! Today I show you guys my brand NEW house and take you on a tour!! Buying a home has been my biggest dream and it finally came true, thanks to you guys. You'll have to stay tuned to see the rest of the house, AND find out how we're celebrating 20 MILLION subscribers. Enjoy!
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Isabella Fahey
Isabella Fahey 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
this genuinely might be one of the most beautifully decorated houses iโ€™ve ever seen
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
I love the granite
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Iโ€™m bisexual
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
I am an interior designer
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Yes I love Britney
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Itโ€™s me
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
An interior designer
Alice Vlasenko
Alice Vlasenko 7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Yea you need to hire a designer
Uma Giannotta
Uma Giannotta 13 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
I love that it all matches
Momi's Creations
Momi's Creations 14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
i really want to know how the house stays so clean and shiny? like thats IMPRESSIVEE
Maria Matinez
Maria Matinez 17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒ
FioBio /Fiona
FioBio /Fiona 18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
This house is awesome, but why do you need so much room James? ๐Ÿ˜‚ And you have a TV you don't use? I would definitely take it haha
XxHarvest_GamerxX 19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Me living in Canada and thinking how scary a earthquake is:
John Barnes
John Barnes 19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
Did you guys ever notice that James Charles literally has two living rooms he said that he had one living room by the front door entry and one in the basically the same room as the kitchen. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
XxHarvest_GamerxX 19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
This house is bigger then my town :)
Nasreen Akhtar
Nasreen Akhtar 19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
You talk so fast
Sofia Negret
Sofia Negret 23 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
bring games with jamess back PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Payton A.
Payton A. ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
I hope I can be this successful one day
Roxana Rangel
Roxana Rangel ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
Congratulations! This house is amazing!
J Ouaskioud
J Ouaskioud ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
his bathroom is litterly my house
its_Me โ€ขLife
its_Me โ€ขLife ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
Atleast he put a hard work on it and he deserve this unlike charli...
its_Me โ€ขLife
its_Me โ€ขLife ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
The fact that he has a room for Cola @^@
Xinouw ื™ื•ื ืœืคื ื™
Defne Lynn Yilmaz
Defne Lynn Yilmaz 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
James's bedroom is bigger than my apartment
Daiana 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Deberรญas ser decorador de interiores ๐Ÿ˜ฑโค๏ธ
KosovareMusic 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I live it
KosovareMusic 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
jamescharles the house is amazing
Shaun Phan
Shaun Phan 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Beautiful master bedroom and master bath. They give me a lot of Studio Mcgee vibe.
Rina in London
Rina in London 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
U have such a beautiful host
Rooz Hamnoie
Rooz Hamnoie 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
me crying in poor
makaila mcdaniel
makaila mcdaniel 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I donโ€™t know why I didnโ€™t watch this video before, but I honestly love this. This is the first ILpostrโ€™s house that Iโ€™ve seen that is actually beautiful and well put together. Iโ€™ve seen some massive mansions on here that look like garbage.
Chloe Martin
Chloe Martin 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
This is his FIRST house and itโ€™s like. A legit mansion like legit goals. Slay Queen
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe Gonzalez 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I'm SO adictid to his house like litterly ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿฅบใƒฝ(๏ฝกโ—•oโ—•๏ฝก)๏พ‰.
clare knoester
clare knoester 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
My dream house!!!!
Sipping Lemonade
Sipping Lemonade 2 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Very beautiful house ,but how much Coca Cola paid u for this ??!
Chiara Villarina
Chiara Villarina 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
His dog trying to get some attention: Hi there fans my name is James Dog!
Paula Zeilhofer
Paula Zeilhofer 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Its so cute ๐Ÿ˜ญ
fharyana 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
How nice this young man.. he respect everyone helping out with the house.. like the organiser and the interior designer. Cool.. I am happy flr you James
Michaela Igbojianya
Michaela Igbojianya 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Your house is amazing
dalal q88
dalal q88 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I feel poor if I saw your house agin sister
ู†ูˆู†ุฉ ู†ูˆู†ุฉ ุงู†ุง ุจุญุจ ุจูŠุณุงู†
ู†ูˆู†ุฉ ู†ูˆู†ุฉ ุงู†ุง ุจุญุจ ุจูŠุณุงู† 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
ูƒุจุฑ ุงูŠ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุญุท ู…ูƒูŠุงุฌ ุงู„ุนุงุฑ
Derrick Delva
Derrick Delva 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Omg the tune that plays in the background when your saying "the kitchen" woow ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅโค๏ธ
Tess Greening
Tess Greening 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Canadian design company! Good for you for shouting them out and you spoke so highly of them ๐Ÿฅบ husband and wife team awwwww
Layla . Swin
Layla . Swin 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
His kitchen is the size of my house-
Michael Vargas
Michael Vargas 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
He reminds me of Kris Jenner. Looks like her
ashes_lps 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Why is his bathroom and his closet bigger then my room๐Ÿค”
Leyahney Edwards
Leyahney Edwards 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
James should do a โ€œLearning to Cookโ€ series
Sarah Wright
Sarah Wright 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I love James!!! ๐ŸŒธ youโ€™re such an amazing person and such a good friend, full of love!
Sandra Mckeown
Sandra Mckeown 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I love it so much James Charles !! =V
โ€ขBasicallyโ€ขSunshineโ€ข 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
James, your house is just gorgeous! I literally did this face โ€œ.o.โ€ In ever room I saw!
Lara Ibrani27
Lara Ibrani27 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
still love watching the old videos! 4 months ago you were at 20 million subs and now you are at 25 million! CONGRATS!!!
Munechan barbie
Munechan barbie 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
sad4girl89 Girl
sad4girl89 Girl 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
l love you so much james charles
Grinchy Girl
Grinchy Girl 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Idk why but my brother is obsessed with you
Danna Petz
Danna Petz 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
So aestheticc omggg love ittt!!!
Bonita Applebaum
Bonita Applebaum 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Absolutely Amazing
Noella Marie
Noella Marie 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Was I the only one looking for the sisters bench Ethan gave him?
Autumn Nelson
Autumn Nelson 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Didnt he buy a home already?
Lorraine Bonilla
Lorraine Bonilla 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Your home is beautiful may God continue to bless you for all future yrs. to come. THANK YOU Beatiful.๐Ÿ˜‰
Manha Mahjabeen
Manha Mahjabeen 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
He got 5 million subs in 4 month like WOW
Evelyn Percival
Evelyn Percival 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Itโ€™s crazy thatโ€™s heโ€™s only 21 and has an amazing house and is so successful
Simona Lebon
Simona Lebon 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Perchรฉ sei truccato?? Non sei donna, nulla contro anzi....๐ŸŒˆ ma truccato e questi atteggiamenti non naturali sono ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Matteo Esibiti
Matteo Esibiti 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
C'รจ quella casa enorme costa solo 200.000 euro quando in Italia con lo stesso prezzo ti prendi una casa discretamente grande..... non capisco
amelia graceee
amelia graceee 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
fOrMaL ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿฅบ
Xaxa Xaxa
Xaxa Xaxa 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
yoy are so cute person
Shylah Totten
Shylah Totten 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
He just spilled the tea about what might be happening in or about the shower, okay James I see you.!!!! hahaha
Rosee Lia
Rosee Lia 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Ayee those are the best coca colas. The ones in glass bottleโคโ˜
Hey Its Luden
Hey Its Luden 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Watching this on 2021? Who's with me?
Khadeeja Nasila
Khadeeja Nasila 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
subscribe to zuh's cookbook
Kiara Welch
Kiara Welch 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
His whole bedroom is like literally the size of my whole house ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคฃ well done James - you really deserve it ๐Ÿ˜€
Kalei Gonzales
Kalei Gonzales 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Is this the same house Mr. Kate did?!
Olivia Neaman
Olivia Neaman 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
You are a true sister if you have not only watched his 2020 house tour video but also his 2019 house tour video his loft apartment video and his room tour video! XD love you James!
yo p
yo p 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
His house is goals
Reka sara Tejfel
Reka sara Tejfel 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Where is the piano Grayson got him tho?
Saskia Russell
Saskia Russell 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I love your house I wish I lived in it it's so amazing James
Saskia Russell
Saskia Russell 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I love your house James๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
Emily Holton
Emily Holton 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I agree except I am a fan
Cole Littleton
Cole Littleton 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Dana Robinson
Dana Robinson 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
COOKING WITH JAMES ...would be something to start... I think you could just pick a recipe online and start a cooking channel ..
An Ra
An Ra 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Bitch this is my dream house the decor is my aesthetic all the way ... u are a king
lucy mcdowell
lucy mcdowell 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
james: shows the balcony me: ohhhh security
Super Smart Kids Adventures
Super Smart Kids Adventures 5 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
His house is amazing itโ€™s my dream home
Lucid Things
Lucid Things 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Finn lying on Lewisโ€™ bed: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŸข
avaaa 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
James bathroom is literally the size of my bedroom haha I love itttt ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
DIY crafts
DIY crafts 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
This was posted on my birthday
Timeless Beauty
Timeless Beauty 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Simplicity is beautiful! Its an all in one package! Cozy, yet classy.. Simple yet luxurious, pretty yet contrasting schem of colors... You have designer pieces and pops of color, yet so clean, modern yet pleasing and welcoming to the eye. And very heart warming! Wow! Your choice is so beautiful! It expresses your personality and how beautiful you are as a human being. Its just a perfect balance! Congrats on your great beautiful home! Wish you the best of the best! Love it! Beautiful house of a beautiful person! You ver well deserve it! Soo happy for you, and so happy to see it! Love it soo much!
jULia 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
wHy Do aMeRiCAns wEaR sHoes In TheIR hOuSe
irena szczesna
irena szczesna 17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™
I dont but im not american
I Like Birds
I Like Birds 3 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I donโ€™t wear shoes in my house and Iโ€™m in America
Caitlin Strawn
Caitlin Strawn 4 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I am born and raised in America my parents also American were shoes in the house but I think it is pointless
Antonella Candia Dรญaz
Antonella Candia Dรญaz 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Hi sister
glitterbaby00 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Coke cellar ๐Ÿคฃ James Charles keeping it real. Such a beautiful home!
herminecraft_cat KItty
herminecraft_cat KItty 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I love his fashion sense!
Salma Family Vlog
Salma Family Vlog 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Let me see if i got support here. ๐Ÿ™
Juliusz typie
Juliusz typie 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
Emily Cooking
Emily Cooking 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I Am In Love With Those Editing Skills! ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿฅฐ
Liz Inamasu
Liz Inamasu 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I need that shirt
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
This house is stunning James. Bravo - you earned it. The master bathroom is beautiful - it was my fav part of the tour!
Nerissie 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
What a beautiful home!!
raee_moqui21 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
i just saw this on my recommended page and i canโ€™t believe this was only 4 months ago
Irene Moreno
Irene Moreno 6 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
I want her House
Ela Cachia
Ela Cachia 7 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
bathroom bigger than my bedroom < 3
Okoro Mercy
Okoro Mercy 7 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™
A man or woman
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