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Hi Sisters! Welcome to the first episode of Instant Influencer, my NEW beauty competition show! 🔥 In this episode, our 6 artists begin the competition and are challenged to sell a product, and also sell themselves in front of James Charles, Norvina, and Paris Hilton. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?
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0:00 Hi Sisters!
1:12 Meet the Contestants
2:30 Compact Challenge
10:46 Elimination Challenge
20:28 The Videos Premiere
41:47 Sign Off

christa's world
christa's world 52 דקות לפני
The girl Ashley was my fav and who’s watching this in 2021
chio requena
chio requena שעה לפני
paris'es dog went 👅
chio requena
chio requena שעה לפני
i just looked to paris hilton's dog the hole time is soooo cuteeeeeeeee
Diamond Johnson
Diamond Johnson 3 שעות לפני
Omg I’m crying 😭 I’m so sorry
Pasindu Bandara
Pasindu Bandara 8 שעות לפני
America is fucked
Enchilada 12 שעות לפני
OMG, James, SISTER, you are soooooo kind you give me so much hope, thank you for being you!❤️
Lia_ Plays
Lia_ Plays 13 שעות לפני
Gabriel didn't really deserve to stay...
Anna Rahmatu Rabbina
Anna Rahmatu Rabbina 14 שעות לפני
hello james. where is season 2???
•Sayuri•작은 백합•
•Sayuri•작은 백합• 11 שעות לפני
I don't think they can do it due to the Coronavirus.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 16 שעות לפני
Paris's dog is just sitting there like: 👁️⚫👁️ mom...where are we?...
54.Bhakti Shetty
54.Bhakti Shetty 10 שעות לפני
Lol 😂
Mina Nguyen
Mina Nguyen 18 שעות לפני
indigo is a queeen
Mind1web 19 שעות לפני
Did ya’ll realize how when Ashley came in norvina ain’t had nun to say
Eri ‘s Candyエリ キャンディー
Eri ‘s Candyエリ キャンディー 20 שעות לפני
:James: you are not very confident... :norvina: 👁👄👁 :Paris: 👀 :Paris dog: 👁👅👁
Faithhh 20 שעות לפני
Paris’s dog when it was sleeping had it’s tongue out and everything aha
Aaron 20 שעות לפני
I feel so bad for Britany, the sadness in her eyes 😭😭 she is such a pure soul, I felt for her x
Li1CinsEditz 20 שעות לפני
I love Paris Hilton so much
Jose rojas
Jose rojas יום לפני
Its like bill nys show when james walkes around and everyone is working
pastelgamez Roblox
pastelgamez Roblox יום לפני
I am adicted .....
Layla_playz! יום לפני
omg the dog lol
Li1CinsEditz 20 שעות לפני
I know 👁👅👁
Kezali Hereara
Kezali Hereara יום לפני
I love you
Kezali Hereara
Kezali Hereara יום לפני
Omg i love it so so so much me and my sisters love your videos so much
Taylor A.
Taylor A. יום לפני
I love how Paris just says stuff like “I like your shirt” but then her dog is like 😜🤪😝😛
Izzy Kuhn
Izzy Kuhn יום לפני
Norvina is just pointing out the little things that they forgot to do lol
syed8280 syed8280
syed8280 syed8280 יום לפני
14:18 omg so much glitter me: gurl loo9k around u😅🤣😂
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic 2 ימים לפני
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic 9 שעות לפני
@•Sayuri•작은 백합• 💜😂
•Sayuri•작은 백합•
•Sayuri•작은 백합• 11 שעות לפני
That's what I do when I think of you.
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic יום לפני
@Aidan Quinlan If you enjoy watching THIS then we have nothing to talk about, bye 🖕
Aidan Quinlan
Aidan Quinlan יום לפני
@Jana Jovicic oh I'm here because I enjoy it obviously
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic יום לפני
@BraeLee Pitts yes thats my oppinion on this video and James Charles
Aishath Maleesha
Aishath Maleesha 2 ימים לפני
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 2 ימים לפני
Me: I’m not gonna watch this it sounds boring. Also me: * watches this for the 5th time *
Mireya Caballero
Mireya Caballero 2 ימים לפני
28:39-28:41 Me when my mom wants to give me vegetables for lunch.
Ashlie Smith
Ashlie Smith 2 ימים לפני
Lacey Grullon
Lacey Grullon 2 ימים לפני
shreya mishra
shreya mishra 2 ימים לפני
Why r u so sweet
Elle Garcia
Elle Garcia 2 ימים לפני
سيمفونية مرهفه
سيمفونية مرهفه 2 ימים לפני
Christy MacMillan
Christy MacMillan 2 ימים לפני
kamilaaa g
kamilaaa g 2 ימים לפני
Good makeup I love you
Olivia Herb
Olivia Herb 2 ימים לפני
I bet you $50,000,000 that ashley is gonna win!
Olivia Herb
Olivia Herb יום לפני
@Aidan Quinlan i know
Aidan Quinlan
Aidan Quinlan יום לפני
Miss Herb this series is almost a year old
Jean Quiroz
Jean Quiroz 2 ימים לפני
And.. where is the untucked?
Moon Safari
Moon Safari 3 ימים לפני
Awww brithni your so good at makup
Moon Safari
Moon Safari 3 ימים לפני
Aww your amazin
dark warrior
dark warrior 3 ימים לפני
Froggy_Frog 3 ימים לפני
I Think the Real star is Paris dog lol
brian caldwell
brian caldwell 3 ימים לפני
I wanted to jump in and hug britny
ava o’neil
ava o’neil 3 ימים לפני
i literally cannot believe this was 8 months ago! it felt like yesterday
Laney Linville
Laney Linville 3 ימים לפני
The dog is a mood AND THATS ON PERIODT
Catarina Boers
Catarina Boers 3 ימים לפני
I LOVE GABRIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seamus McAnulty
Seamus McAnulty 3 ימים לפני
Not the trauma porn ending where James crushes her soul and then makes her sign off
Seamus McAnulty
Seamus McAnulty 3 ימים לפני
Antonia Alexandra
Antonia Alexandra 3 ימים לפני
I love everyone's makeup
Patricia Alexandra
Patricia Alexandra 4 ימים לפני
Dog be like: ⚫👅⚫ 🥼
Katelyn Gomes
Katelyn Gomes 4 ימים לפני
Ashley's explanation to her introduction look was literally so good
Amanda adams
Amanda adams 4 ימים לפני
SPIRIT 又 ENAN 4 ימים לפני
Dont dislike but I dont know is he/she is a man or woman ? Or other
Park Namyeon
Park Namyeon 4 ימים לפני
Norvina is the best SUCH A QUEEN 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑
yuliana Hernandez-doyle
yuliana Hernandez-doyle 4 ימים לפני
the dog: ⚫👅⚫
zada4360 zada4360
zada4360 zada4360 4 ימים לפני
they did awesome i wish i am as good as them
bro zone
bro zone 4 ימים לפני
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof “hi Brittany” lol GGS
morgan barrett
morgan barrett 4 ימים לפני
When Kailin was filming it reminded me of james' blooper videos
Jamila cubon
Jamila cubon 4 ימים לפני
Plot twist Britney will become the best makeup artist better than james charles I still love James❤️❤️🥺✨
The Queen CHDC
The Queen CHDC 4 ימים לפני
Omg am your biggest fun 😭
TOXIC THORNS 4 ימים לפני
All i can think about after seeing paris and her dog is how does that dog eat with that tongue 👁👅👁
claudia loz
claudia loz 4 ימים לפני
Paris Hilton's dog be like ⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️ 👅
Swaggy Blox
Swaggy Blox 4 ימים לפני
no body: paris’ dog: 👁👅👁
Bri Ok
Bri Ok 4 ימים לפני
Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Norvina and Paris look alike
Boba_bear 4 ימים לפני
James literally *GLANCED* at the makeup products and knew what it was!
Sakshi Bansal
Sakshi Bansal 4 ימים לפני
I don't know who norvina is but I think I like her here
Aidan Quinlan
Aidan Quinlan יום לפני
They literally say who she is omg did u not watch the video
Sakshi Bansal
Sakshi Bansal 4 ימים לפני
Is Paris' dog drunk or somethin
Sakshi Bansal
Sakshi Bansal 4 ימים לפני
Paris Hilton's dog is getting more attention than I've ever got in my life lmao
Anjali Jha
Anjali Jha 5 ימים לפני
Indigo is the third Dolan twin
V1VID PANACEA 5 ימים לפני
Kailin is very honest about her being a rambler 😶😶😶 Edit: on an off note, why do they keep doing dog shots 😭😭😭
Anjali Jha
Anjali Jha 5 ימים לפני
0:40 seems like JIMIN'S lips in the bg
YourDreamGirl 5 ימים לפני
James is not just an influencer to me..he's a great make-up artist with outstanding personality. He has this charming upbringing thanks to his parents for raising him this generation needs someone like him.🥰
Verz Zachary Cruz
Verz Zachary Cruz 5 ימים לפני
this should be in netflix
Aditri Uday Nair
Aditri Uday Nair 5 ימים לפני
Although I rarely use makeup, and I respect the judges’ decision, I think Indigo should’ve won this one. His video was informative with humour, and I really enjoyed his video. It was super ILpost-y and also professional at the same time. 😊
omg i love it i saw a glow up from the netflix and it amazing for me
Carmen Denise
Carmen Denise 5 ימים לפני
I will be completely honest, i just paused the video when gabriel’s commercial started. i haven’t seen any of the judges reactions yet so this is my honest opinion. first off i would not have chose the james charles palette simply because it makes him look like he is sucking up to james by using his product. second, i would’ve loved to see more advertising. it just seemed like he was filming a makeup tutorial rather than a commercial. would’ve loved to see some swatches on the arm, wanted to hear him talk more about the product, such as packaging, the color selection, pigmentation, the fallout, and how the eyeshadow performs all together. he could have been doing an eyeshadow look while talking about the product and it’s benefits. but i would’ve rather not have seen a “tutorial” and would’ve love to see a true commercial. but this is just my honest opinion.
Aditri Uday Nair
Aditri Uday Nair 5 ימים לפני
I agree 👍
Ummm Okay
Ummm Okay 5 ימים לפני
28:40 norvina: gross.
Virsryes o_o
Virsryes o_o 5 ימים לפני
Bruh 😭 how James went in there in person to explain that she had been eliminated 🥺 he’s so sweet 😩
vsqtxx E
vsqtxx E 5 ימים לפני
Indigo was da best
MGA 5 ימים לפני
Paris Hilton is so sweet and kind
Yuri beltran
Yuri beltran 6 ימים לפני
I Love Love Paris!!!!
Rachyl King
Rachyl King 6 ימים לפני
Paris doesnt even care
royalehighcollecter 6 ימים לפני
I need to watch all the episodes cuz I'm bored in his quarantine
BORA ASMR 보라 6 ימים לפני
You're really good at makeup!!!!!
claire and chloe's channel
claire and chloe's channel 6 ימים לפני
32:44 the dog be vibin doe
claire and chloe's channel
claire and chloe's channel 6 ימים לפני
👁👄👁. 👈🏻 this is what I look like while watching the video
claire and chloe's channel
claire and chloe's channel 6 ימים לפני
Am I the only one looking at the dog 👁. 👁 🌑 👅
Foxy 8D
Foxy 8D 6 ימים לפני
Lol her dog
iamAngela Army
iamAngela Army 6 ימים לפני
Kailin talk to much and she also talks to fast yeeks!!!
Jana Cilliers
Jana Cilliers 6 ימים לפני
Literally Paris talked about everything but the videos😂
Cheryl Mewes
Cheryl Mewes 7 ימים לפני
love it
Pamela Cortez
Pamela Cortez 7 ימים לפני
I love how he managed the elimination process and made an outro film with them
Ellie Oleary
Ellie Oleary 7 ימים לפני
Yesss i love you
Frida Carpio-Valdez
Frida Carpio-Valdez 7 ימים לפני
I cant believe he did the first episode after my b-day
Zartish Soha
Zartish Soha 7 ימים לפני
Hi sisters
Natalie 7 ימים לפני
Kelly Barnes
Kelly Barnes 7 ימים לפני
The dog 😂 I need a dog that funny
harry styles's wife
harry styles's wife 7 ימים לפני
it's January 2021 and I'm just NOW starting to watch this series 😂
Luisabella Gaspar
Luisabella Gaspar 7 ימים לפני
James remind me about Abby lee but wayyyyyy nicer
Ciera Fenton
Ciera Fenton 7 ימים לפני
When she cried I cried
《 Veemo 》
《 Veemo 》 8 ימים לפני
omg paris' dog- hold the PHONEEEEE she was just sitting there petting her/him, it srsly melted my heart. so precious ❤🥺 edit: also I'm rooting for Indigo and Ashley. I think they are such amazing, aspiring makeup artists. they 👏 are 👏 fantastic
Nitu Borkar
Nitu Borkar 8 ימים לפני
Instant influencer ❤️❤️❤️ 🔥I love u James❤️❤️
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